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I started this business in 2020, as in 2019 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

I'm already in my 30s and to make this new adjustment was not only life changing for myself but also my family.

What used to be a normal family dinning out became something we all had to really think about.
Can I eat at this restaurant?
Do they offer gluten free products on their menu?
If so are they using the same cookware or utensils when preparing my food?

All these were factors we all had to take into consideration.

It was very overwhelming for me at first but with the support of my family I have been managing well.

I found Glutagon and it was heavenly.
There was such a wide variety.
But the price was incredibly high and most of the time completely out of my budget.

I started joining group chats with people that had the same or similar symptoms that I did.
People felt the same way about the pricing of Gluten free products, they were all two high.

I started off with my Facebook page and Instagram page.
People started contacting me for other products and that's how L&S Family Store was born.

If you have any suggestions on other products that may be good to stock or other suggestions for our website, please contact us.


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